There were a series of people in the Bunker, coming and going; the real inhabitants were Hitler, Eva Braun, Josef Göbbels and Magda Göbbels, their 6 children, Martin Bormann, Hitler's Secretaries, Hitler's Valet and Adjutants, Cook, SS-Guards, the telephone switchboard operator and the ventilation system technician etc. There was a complete hospital under the Chancellery with medical staff, operating room etc.

There were a number of individuals who were not recorded and many more who had come and gone through the Führerbunker during the final days of the Reich.


Wilhelm Arndt  Hitler's Valet - KIA

Hauptsturmführer Helmut Beermann
= SS-Begeleitkommando - took care of the mail coming into the Reich Chancellery as part of his "normal, daily" duties - Allied POW

Wolfgang Beigs
- Allied POW

Oberscharführer Johann Bergmüller
- Russian POW

Dr Hugo Johannes Blaschke (14 November 1881 – 6 December 1959) was a German dental surgeon notable for being Adolf Hitler’s personal dentist from 1933 to April 1945 and for being the chief dentist on the staff of Heinrich Himmler with the rank of SS-Brigadeführer.

Blaschke was born in Neustadt and studied dentistry in Berlin and at the University of Pennsylvania. He trained as a dentist in London and during World War I he served as a military dentist. After treating Hermann Göring, he joined the Nazi party in 1931 and then the SS. As well as Hitler, he also treated Eva Braun, Josef Göbbels and Heinrich Himmler.
He was interrogated by the Americans after the war about Hitler’s dental treatment in the hope that this would lead to the identification of his remains. He stated that he fitted a large dental bridge to Hitler's upper jaw in 1933 and that on 10 November 1944 he carried out surgery to cut off part of the bridge due to a gum infection that was causing Hitler severe toothache. In May 1945 Soviet officers showed a dental bridge to Blaschke's technician Fritz Echtmann and his dental assistant Käthe Hausermann and they both identified it as being Hitler's. Blaschke also reconstructed the dental records of Martin Bormann from memory and these were later used to identify his skeletal remains which were discovered in Berlin in 1972.
After his release from captivity in 1948 Blaschke continued to practise as a dentist in Nuremberg and died there aged 78.

Jürgen Bosser - Pilot of Arado Ar 96 - On his landing in Berlin, April 28, 1945:

  ... It was my last mission from Gatow .... In front of me had left for Berlin five (5) Storch Fieseler aircraft and spent little time in flight to fly up there watching them like seagulls ...   

.... When I arrived in Berlin I was surprised that no one shot, not heard a single shot ...... left Berlin with von Greim and Hanna Reitch in a airplane Arado....

Hauptsturmführer Adolf Dirr - SS-Begeleitkommando - Born: 14 February 1907 in Munich. Learned the trade of smith, was an avid boxer and won many regional championships (e.g. Munich lightweight champion 1929-1936) Joined the NSDAP and SA 1 May 1929 in order to be able to participate in SA boxing championships; after having been recommended to Hitler by Himmler as boxing trainer and bodyguard, he became a member of the Führer bodyguard 1 March 1932. Accompanied Hitler on election campaigns and later to all his various headquarters. Appointed SS-Untersturmführer 1 July 1934 and SS-Hauptsturmführer 20 April 1944. Flown out of Berlin 22 April 1945; continued to work at Berghof. When leaving the Berghof, he was arrested by Americans on 22 May 1945 and held until 27 April 1948.

Wilhelm Exhold
- Russian POW

Obersturmbannführer Ludwig Förster - Allied POW 

SS Obersturmführer Helmuth Frick - SS-Begeleitkommando - Allied POW 

Dr Kurt Haagen - Stenographer - Allied POW - Gerhard Herrgesell nd Kurt Haagen were the last of Hitler’s rcorders to leave Berlin. They told what happened in the last ten days before Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. General Jodl stayed with Hitler almostto the end and said as he left, ‘I don’t want to get killed in this mousetrap.’ Hitler decided to stay in Berlin to the end. His last conference was with one person, his adjutant.

Gerhard Herrgesell - Stenographer